Last Friday, the 8th of August, Bass Odyssey, one of the greatest soundsystems on this planet, celebrated their 25th anniversary, in Jamaica. Being known as a hardcore sound from day one, the settings for the event had to be appropriate. Therefor the dance was promoted as the first SOUNDSYSTEM-FESTIVAL in Jamaica, in order to celebrate the soundsystem culture as a whole. Three physical soundsystems strung up in Richmond, Priory, St. Ann: Bass Odyssey, Killamanjaro and Stone Love The line-up was completed by Metromedia, Renaissance and SENTINEL. It was a great pleasure and honour for the Everlasting Sound to be picked for representing Europe on this event, which was the first of its kind, in Jamaica. Once six high caliber soundsystems play in one lawn, people expect hardcore entertainment. Not surprisingly, that's exactly what they got. Because all of the sounds, featured on the line-up, belong to the best in this world, the german sound had to make sure, that they play extraordinary, in order to convince the jamaican crowd of their skills. And, without any doubt, they did. At the end of the night, common sense was, that the German Luger has just done the place. Even the legendary selectors in the dance, like Ricky Trooper, Freddie Krueger, Skyjuice and Geefus, gave SENTINEL their props for their performance. Last but not least SENTINEL would like to give thanks to the whole Bass Odyssey Family for their trust and salutes them on the next 25 years to come


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