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Friday, August 1, 2014


ONE OF THE GREATEST JOYS OF MY LIFE WAS BEING PRESENT WHEN THIS CHOIR PRACTICED, AND PERFORMED SINCE I WAS 8 YEARS OLD... Acappella music is sung without instrumental accompaniment. The Choir-The ARC Gospel Choir, in 1975 eight residents of the Addicts Rehabilitation Center (ARC), located then at 253 and 255 West 123rd Street in Harlem, began a gospel journey as an a cappella choral group. Since its inception the choir's dedication and commitment to fight against drugs through gospel songs have won it respect and recognition as one of the most outstanding a cappella choirs in today's gospel industry. Singing primarily in the Greater New York Area, the choir has traveled extensively through the eastern seaboard, performing at schools, hospitals, churches, jails, civic, and social affairs. In their annual performances, they have received critical acclaim from standing-room-only audiences throughout Europe. The choir performs under the direction of its founder, James Allen, and its traveling director, Curtis Lundy, a world-acclaimed jazz musician and arranger. The Song-He Looked Beyond My Faults, was penned by Dottie Rambo in the 70's, and has been recorded by various gospel groups thru the years. From their 1990 None But The Righteous live recording; He Looked Beyond My Faults, on lead Harold "Sonny" Wright. Harold "Sonny" Wright was a part of the great doo woop vocal groups The Diamonds & The Regals and had his own group the Cadence Metronomes.

Monday, November 1, 2010


Singer/Songwriter/Producer, Kevin "K" Lipsey is a native of Canton, Mississippi and a graduate of Jackson State University. He started his musical journey in the church’s youth choir at the age of four and by age fourteen, his voice was gracing the radio airwaves as one of the soloists for The Canton Soul Children.

As he embarked on a childhood dream to travel the world, he made a conscience effort to interact with the local artists of host nations, scoring a big collaboration in South Korea with producer, Kim Woo Yong of REX. Lipsey’s career shifted gears when he met his mentor and legendary producer/engineer, "Wolf" Stephenson of Malaco Records. The relationship yielded a wide array of assignments, earning Lipsey credits for writing, producing, engineering, and video & creative directing. He has worked with world renowned composer - Benjamin Wright, Human Nature (of Australia), The Temptations, Cassie Bonner (Love Jones soundtrack), Vick Allen (of the Canton Spirituals), Nonchalant, Christion, Shirley Brown, and The Mississippi Mass Choir. These are just some of the many artists, which include Grammy, Stellar, Billboard awards and nominations. Some of his notable works include “We’re Going Steppin’,” by Malaco artist Floyd Taylor, which was nominated at the 2006 Jackson Music Awards for SINGLE OF THE YEAR.

     Though Lipsey has donned many hats throughout his music career, songwriting continues to be where his passion lies. He studies artists like Marvin Gaye, Prince, Maxwell, Raphael Saadiq, and Al Green to name a few. “I learned at an early age that songwriting is about emotions and feel, not so much about vocal acrobatics.” Lipsey credits his uncle and his mother for his musical tastes and influences. “On one hand, my uncle would let me sit in on their gospel quartet rehearsals; while on the other hand, my mom would play her 70’s soul music collection. And I started to make the connection.” Lipsey’s love and passion for music is evident in his work and the foundation of it all can be heard throughout his songs. His sound combines the flow of hip-hop, the dynamics of jazz, and the emotions of true soul. The lyrics paint pictures, enabling listeners to see his story.

Embark on the K. Lipsey experience as he is set to release his debut album, The Treatment.