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Saturday, March 15, 2014

NEW MIXTAPE!!! - UK Runnings #EstateLife - "Volume 009"...

Tricksta aka The Mixtape Machine is back with another volume of UK Runnings new series #EstateLife and what a killer collection of home-grown Hip-Hop it is. As always UK Runnings stays open minded in its selection giving listeners and fans a variety of styles. UK Runnings are aiming to release 100 mixtapes in 2014, it might sound far fetched but with a barrage of mixtapes to come from artists, clothing labels and magazines, its could just happen! Volume 009 features Nature The Kidd, Reload, Dash Gambino, Big Ben, T Man, Shakezpeare. Vicious, Tony D, Supar Novar, SayKriDD Daly, RD Millz, Airklipz, Jimmy Screech, Tabanacle, Rewd Adams, Terra Slim, Ayatollah Lyrical, C-Raw, LATE, Shay, Subtrax, Mr Melta, Conspicuous, Evil Ed and Intuitive. For those of you waning to support the cause you can cop #EstateLife T-Shirts NOW which are available on-line to purchase. The shirts are a quality heavy-weight charcoal tee which you can get in medium, large, XL & xxl and come with a superb black & white print of the front cover. They are available exclusively to purchase from leading independent T-Shirt supplier for only £9.99 plus postage & packaging. Beenies, Snapbacks, Varsity’s, Hoodies and more to come so be on the lookout

Thursday, February 27, 2014

NEW MIXTAPE!!! - "UK Runnings #EstateLife - Volume 006"... T.R.I.B.E...

Volume six already I hear you say? Yeh, that’s right people, the UK’s longest running mixtape series in back with a boom and a new wave of energy for 2014 as we get the sixth mixtape from the #EstateLife since it started on January 12th! It’s another 18 track mixtape which features the cream of the UK Hip-Hop alongside some talented up and coming artists. Volume 006 features LATE, Big V, Meeks, Phili'n'Dotz, Big Dutty Deeze, Genesis Elijah, B.O.M.B, Reckless, Casacas, Klashnekoff, Dirtz & M3 (N2P), J Double, Natty, Raggo Zulu Rebel, TBear, Lego, Soloman Gehazi & Termite, Stakka Lyrics, Hot Rox, Juskarma, Mr Byte, Sonny Mac, Britizen Kane, Spee Six Nine, Rukus, K.O.T.T, Lost Alliance & Sipher. 01 - LATE - Inner City Livin 02 - Big V Feat. Meeks - Winning Trail 03 - Phili'n'Dotz - We Stay 04 - Big Dutty Deeze Feat. Genesis Elijah - Where We Live 05 - B.O.M.B - One Up 06 - Reckless & Casacas Feat. Klashnekoff - Haters 07 - Dirtz (N2P) Feat. M3 (N2P) - Walk Alone 08 - J Double Feat. Natty - Madness 09 - Raggo Zulu Rebel Feat. TBear - Rebellion 10 - Lego - Droppin' It On 'Em 11 - Soloman Gehazi & Termite Feat. Stakka Lyrics & Hot Rox - Harsh But Fair 12 - Juskarma - All Day Long 13 - Mr Byte & Sonny Mac - Third Eye View 14 - Britizen Kane - Last Semester 15 - Spee Six Nine - Change My Ways 16 - Rukus Feat. Meeks - Change Up 17 - K.O.T.T - Klownin 18 - Lost Alliance Feat. Sipher - If You Feel Compiled, mixed & mastered by Tricksta Follow @TrickstaUK @UKRunnings @ParkStreetPR Get the other volumes at Check out our blog Promoted & markerted by Send MP3's to credits released 27 February 2014