Thursday, September 30, 2010


Original Concept‘s Doctor Dre used to have a radio show called The Operating Room back in the days, and he just happened to get BDP into the studio just as the Bridge Wars started popping-off. There is no other way to describe these recordings other than effin’ awesome. The late, great DJ Scott La Rock and KRS-One don’t mess around as they tell the listeners exactly what they think about Mr. Magic, Shan, Marley, Shante and Poet. Rest assured that many shots are fired.

     BDP - ‘Operating Room Interview, Part 1′

  BDP - ‘Operating Room Interview, Part 2'                                                                                            

Mike Tyson And Wayne Brady Re-Do Bobby Brown's Every Little Step And It's Funny!!!

Bishop Eddie Long's 4th Accuser Spencer LeGrande Says He Prays For The Bishop!!!

The Obama Deception!!! Full Version

Pastor Manning Talks Eddie Long 'Had My Suspicion...3-Men Marriage, Showing All Flesh...Too Buff!'

Monday, September 20, 2010

Coke La Rock: Hip Hop's First MC

The first emcee in hip hop history has been ignored and disrespected for far too long. That is why he will be the first representative of the original hip hop generation to be inducted into the HIGH TIMES Counterculture Hall of Fame at the HIGH TIMES Cannabis Cup in Amsterdam on November 25, 2010. In this video, Coke discusses how he got his name (from drinking chocolate milk), some of the errors in fact that have been circulated about him, and talks in detail about the night Kool Herc was stabbed at a party, an event which led to Coke withdrawing from the hip hop scene just as Grandmaster Flash, the L Brothers, The Funky Four and the Cold Crush Brothers were emerging to take hip hop to new heights.