NEW INTERVIEW!!! - Young Guru - "Talks Keys To Success In The Industry, How Internet Piracy Changed Music & More"...

Here is part two of HHS1987's exclusive with esteemed DJ & studio engineer Young Guru at the Heineken Green Room event at Tango in Philadelphia. Guru sat down with our very own E-Money in front of a packed house and spoke for over an hour on his career and experiences as the sound technician behind one of Hip-Hop's most historic record labels. When discussing what has led to his success in the studio, Guru credited the trust between him as an engineer and the artists & producers he works with; making a comparison to the relationship between a barber and their client. He also spoke on his various endorsements including deals with Akai Pro, a line of engineering headphones, and an upcoming book, before delving into how teaching at USC and running Jay Z & Kanye West's 'Watch The Throne' Tour have opened up new avenues for him to affect music. Guru also shed light on how the Internet and piracy changed the music industry, his favorite recording equipment, and much, much more. Check back for the conclusion of our sit-down, coming soon. Watch part one of our interview here: Follow us on Twitter | Instagram @Young_Guru | @YoungGuru763 @EMoneyBeatz | @BeatEmUpMoney @HipHopSince1987 @RickDange


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