Stretch Armstrong and Bobbito Anniversary/Reunion Show (10/22/10)...

Despite Columbia University’s somewhat unceremonious dismissal of DJ Sucio Smash from the helm of his Squeeze Radio program on the university-run WKCR 89.9FM radio station in New York City, the founding fathers of the show, Stretch Armstrong and Bobbito Garcia, along with Lord Sear and a cast of characters from the show’s mutiple incarnations over the years, reunited for a 20th Anniversary Reunion Show on the station’s airwaves in the early Friday hours of October 22.

The time slot has been mirred in controversy since the decision by Columbia’s student-run radio board of directors, turning the Squeeze Radio show over to students. The argument was loosely based on the premise that WKCR shows should be student-run. The counter argument is what while Stretch Armstrong, who ran the program until 1998 with Bobbito Garcia was a student, Bobbito was not, and ever since then, the show was left in the hands of non-students. Proponents of the show argued that the historic and ongoing value of the program would be lost if turned over to inexperienced broadcasters.

Despite an internet petition circling and urging of several advocates to stage an email campaign against Columbia, the fate of the show seems sealed, making the 20th Anniversary/Reunion Show even more bittersweet.

To download the entire program, which ran an extra hour to it’s 6 a.m. conclusion, click here!!! DOWNLOAD HERE


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